A space program for the rest of us.

What we want to do

  • Give more space access to anybody who wants some
  • Get more people wanting more space by making space more fun
  • Make our world a little healthier, wealthier, and - if possible - wiser in the process.

All without sending anybody to space - at least for now.

It's a tall order. It raises difficult questions. We'll need some people. Maybe you.

What we do

Space for fun - but only to SPEC

Project Persephone is an educational, research and charitable NGO. We recognize that space development must be pursued

  • Seriously - educating people in the process
  • Peacefully - avoiding (ideally even countering) arms proliferation
  • Equitably - improving developing-world prosperity
  • Cleanly - not degrading (and ideally promoting) environmental sustainability

We call this: "Meeting the SPEC".

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