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%lframe% | [[Ecuador]] space agency parabolic flight
%lframe% | [[Ecuador | Ecuadorian]] Space Agency parabolic flight
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'''Parabolic flight''' - flying so as to induce [[microgravity]] in an aircraft or suborbital spacecraft

%rframe% | [[ | Christa McAuliffe]]

Parabolic flight is often used to test equipment to be used in longer-duration (orbital) microgravity conditions, or to conduct research on microgravity phenomena. It is also used to help train astronauts. More recently, it has become a recreational experience, offered by [[ | Zero Gravity Corporation]]. The recent surge of entrepreneurial activity in [[suborbital space tourism]] has resulted in the design and testing of vehicles that can also be used for microgravity science experiments.

%lframe% | [[Ecuador]] space agency parabolic flight

[[Project Persephone]] will require some operations to be performed in microgravity, at least for initial set-up in [[LEO]]. Some [[exovivaria]] designs might not use [[artificial gravity]] at all, meaning that all user operations will be under microgravity conditions. Very short-duration testing and rehearsal of [[telebots | telebotic]] operations might be done in [[drop towers]], which can offer a few seconds of microgravity; longer-duration testing might be done in [[sounding rockets]], which can offer minutes. Parabolic flight offers a range of durations between those two options, and relatively frequent repetition of microgravity conditions, while also permitting hands-on researcher involvement in the experiment. 
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