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PmWiki: Sustainability

"... the sudden insight from Apollo. There it is. That's all there is. We see through the eyes of the astronauts how fragile our life is, how thin is the epithelium of the atmosphere." -- David Brower1
"... I believe that the tremendous and otherwise not quite explicable public interest in space flight arises from the subconscious realization that it helps to preserve peace." -- Konrad Lorenz2
"I strongly support space travel. The whole notion of Gaia came out of space travel. It seems to me any environmentalist who opposes space travel has no imagination whatever. That gorgeous, inspirational image of the globe .... has perhaps been of the greatest value to the environmental movement...." -- James Lovelock3
"We travel together, passengers on a little space ship, dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft...." -- Adlai Stevenson, a few days before his death.
"As we enter the global phase of social evolution, it becomes obvious that each one of us has two countries - his own and the planet earth. We cannot feel at home on earth if we do not continue to love and cultivate our own garden. And conversely, we can hardly feel comfortable in our garden if we do not care for the planet earth as our collective home." -- René Dubos
"... we do not live in a limited, isolated, closed world. Our world is open to the cosmos and contains all the future and growth potential the human mind can envision. But ours is not, and probably never will be, a problem-free world. Humanity faces the most complex task of its history so far. Stated in a solution-oriented way, it is necessary gradually to reorganize this planet at two levels. One must deal with the competing necessities of biosphere and mankind with all their environmental and climatic consequences. On the other level, it is necessary to resolve the demands of competing nations and worlds within mankind's hierarchy of socioeconomic developmental levels and the "Christmas tree" of sociopolitical, ideological, and military consequences." -- Krafft A. Ehricke4
"... this is a call to use our minds to enhance nature, not rob or compete with it. There is plenty of energy out there, in forms that nature cannot process. We should draw our manufactured energy from those sources, and share some of that energy with the rest of life on the planet. I am arrogant enough to believe that with time and understanding, we can add to the abundance of life on this planet. For now, we should stop damaging the planet further, and stop calling fashionable or traditional versions of that damage 'sustainable'." -- Keith Lofstrom5

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