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JAXA's Kibo (ki-BOH - "hope") Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) for ISS has a centrifuge module (CAM), a Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF), and an Aquatic Habitat (AQH). Kibo will see a number of low-gravity/microgravity experiments on plants and silkworms in its Cell Biology Experiment Facility in its first phase of utilization. In the second phase, there will be yet more plant experiments, and the first experiments on fish using the AQH.

Kibo is likely to become a particularly fruitful source of data for Project Persephone. It includes both robotic arms, which could provide experience useful in the design of telebots, and experimental facilities for studying plants and small animals under a range of gravities, which should help set design parameters for exovivaria.

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